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Invisalign – A Cosmetic Solution to Orthodontic Problems

Over the decades, traditional metal braces have served their function incredibly well. Yes, wearers of these conspicuous wire-and-bracket devices had to compromise their smiles for a year or two, but they emerged with straighter teeth, healthier bites, and overall more beautiful smiles. For most people, the sacrifice was worth it in the end. With the Invisalign® system, however, people no longer have to choose between having crooked teeth or a mouth full of metal. Invisalign® offers a cosmetic solution to orthodontic problems. One of ... Read more

A Straighter Smile in Half the Time

Few people are blessed with perfectly aligned teeth on both their top and bottom jaws—especially those front teeth that everyone sees when you smile. Crooked front teeth are one of the most common cosmetic changes that people seek, and unfortunately, most people have no control over their teeth alignment. But this kind of misalignment, called malocclusion, is not only a cosmetic issue: many forms of malocclusion can lead to greater oral health problems. Because crooked teeth often overlap, they tend to be ... Read more

Sedation Dentistry

  Sedation Dentistry and Your Smile For patients who are suffering from dental anxiety, sedation dentistry can make a dramatic difference in achieving oral health.  With sedation dentistry, you can relax comfortably while our Bonita and Marco Dental Care team address your smile needs. Through this blog, we address sedation dentistry, and what you can expect from our services.  To learn more about how you can conquer dental fear and anxiety and feel confident about your smile, keep reading our blog. Sedation Dentistry at Bonita ... Read more

All about Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns and Your Smile You wake up and head to the bathroom to brush your teeth.  As you apply the toothpaste to your brush, you take a moment to look at your smile.  “It is probably time that I get that dental crown,” you mumble to yourself as your start scrubbing your pearly whites.  “Does it make a difference where I get it done though?” you wonder as you head out the door.   At Bonita and Marco Dental Care, we pride ourselves ... Read more

New Denture Technology

Dentures and Your Smile You pass by the bookcase in your house and pause for a moment.  Your eyes gather in the sights around you—a collection of novels, encyclopedias, and magazines all adorning the shelves. And then, an old photo album catches your eye.   As you begin to flip through the photos, memories flood over you.  You start to remember countless picnics, time spent with friends and family, and days at the beach.  You also begin to see how comfortable you were smiling ... Read more
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